• Integrated Cloud and Hosted Services

    The cloud computing revolution is here, and Goode Technology Group is at the forefront, offering a range of the latest solutions to make running your business easier and more cost-effective.

  • Email Hosting

    People are always on the go.  Our email system harnesses the power of the cloud to quickly and securely connect your devices to your inbox whether you are at work, home or even overseas.

  • Off-Site Backup

    In-house backups, tape drives, and portable hard drives have their uses, but are all vulnerable to human error and the forces of nature.  Our off-site backup solutions store your data at secure locations across multiple cities, ensuring that no single event could be disaster for your company's data.

  • Off-Site Server Hosting

    One of the great benefits of the cloud is that your data can be accessible from anywhere.  Store your files, run applications, and even have your own personalized desktop whenever, wherever you need it.  It's all backed up and secure in the Goode Cloud.

  • VoIP Hosting

    Traditional office phone systems are expensive, difficult to maintain and quite often not reliable.  let us show you a better way with our affordable, reliable VoIP phone systems.  With access to all the latest features like voicemail-to-email notifications, custom hold music, automated menus, and crystal clear teleconferencing, our phone systems can change the way you do business.

  • Software Hosting

    Need access to your accounting software from multiple locations?  We can do that.  Let us host this, and a variety of other programs for you.  It's affordable, convenient and offers a seamless experience you'll have to see to believe.

  • e-Fax

    Face-up or face-down?  Never worry about that again with our email to fax system.  Simply attach your document to an email, send it, and our system will translate it into a fax for the machine at the other end.  Best of all, it's powered by the cloud and your internet connection, so there's no need for an old, outdated analog phone line!